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Be Committed

Be Committed!!!

Our Board: Starla Dalmolin, Cindy Allen, Cynthia Hatchett, Dawn Lawless (CEO), Velma Guadiana, Janet Kelly, Jadeth Whittaker, Sophie Foran, Charisse Barry Not Pictured: Cindy Dalmolin, Jim Lawless, Randy Tullos

Sustain Me
by Dawn Lawless, LCSW, LSOTP

5:30 AM is too early to appreciate much-especially pre-caffeine, but on this special day, the stars were as clear as ever. Their perfectly positioned brilliance was breath-taking, and as I paused for just a moment, God gently reminded me of His perfection, His precision, and His peace.

Unlike my household on most days amidst the chaos of school, laundry, lunches, PERSONALITIES (2 teen daughters), and post-Harvey work, the alignment of this celestial view provided a sense of order and consistency that has been lacking in my spirit. How is it that we forget so quickly to depend on His stability and reliability?

Compassion Fatigue comes to mind…

With death and devastation knocking on our doors, the consensus is exhaustion. Our bodies ache, our minds scatter, and sadly, our spirits empty. We persistently commit ourselves to acts of service only to feel depleted and drained. We risk indifference, and we question, “Where is the joy? Where is the peace?”

Have you pondered your purpose recently? Have you felt resentment at the seemingly unending requests for support? Have you snapped at a loved one for silly situations? Have you found yourself eating more, drinking more, doing more of anything just to fill that emptiness?

Beware, Burnout is near!

I’m reminded of Apostle Paul as he writes “To the holy and faithful brothers in Christ at Colosse.” In the Book of Colossians, he is encouraging fellow believers not by building them up for their good works, but instead through Christ-centered appeals that focus on Our Lord’s supremacy and holiness.

Burn-out is birthed in poor perspective. When I reflect with transparency, this sense of burden at care giving is logical. Burn-out is the natural consequence of my pride, my poor perspective. I AM NOT GOD. I do not bring restoration. He does. The concept is simple.

Just like the stars in the sky, God’s perspective is perfect. He is orderly and stable. He is the sustainer. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (Ps 19:1). He is God. I AM NOT. He sees beyond our understanding of time and tragedy, and when this perspective is in the proper order, peace is present.

When I commit my efforts, “whatever I do, whether in word or deed, to do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him,” (Col 3:17), my ability to care give is actually increased. I am free to serve well knowing that there are limits to my abilities, but not God’s. I can confidently decline requests that are out of God’s will for my world knowing that my trust in His stability is what sustains me.

Lord, I pray your sustaining power over my life and the lives of those I come into contact with. In the midst of these tragedies, help me to remember that you are a God of order and you have a plan that includes Hope in your son, Jesus Christ. Help us not grow weary in doing good, whether at home with the children, or at work in the field, let us be sustained by only you. Amen!



As we continue this 2017 campaign: BE THE CHANGE, consider how intentionally being committed will impact another person. Mental health matters to all of us, and when we all unify in agreement that loving on others through acts of kindness/volunteering/giving is for God’s glory, our entire community is transformed.


Stop the stigma of mental illness by supporting our efforts. Your input matters! If this were cancer, you wouldn’t just say, “Get over it!” Be a trend-setter, and make a difference by taking these few action steps toward a healthier community.

  • PRAY for the mental health of our community.

  • TALK about mental health with your family and friends.

  • COMMIT to getting involved to be the change.

  • SHARE this newsletter with 3 people you know who may be passionate about the mental health of our community.

  • DONATE $25/month to support our counseling ministry.

***To get involved and learn how you can BE THE CHANGE this year, contact us at  charlotte@counselingconnect 

To connect with Dawn Lawless, LCSW, LSOTP directly, email her at

Please consider becoming an AMBASSADOR FOR CHANGE!!! Simply text 281-533-8446 with the amount you would like to give and you will be provided with a secure URL or visit

Become an Ambassador for Change

For $25 a month, your financial support will help change the lives of some of our most vulnerable neighbors. With your help, we will continue to care for the mental health needs of the children and families we serve. Thank you for Being the Change!

Staff Spotlight


Alyson Pertuis

Counseling Connections for Change, Inc. is pleased to welcome back Alyson Pertuis!

Alyson’s goal is to help clients with the challenges they are facing by tapping into their resources and supports. She take a holistic view of counseling and incorporates all parts of the client’s life in the counseling process. She uses multiple therapeutic approaches when helping clients, and assessment includes thorough review of physical, mental, spiritual and relational parts of their life.

Her Christian faith and beliefs are the backbone of her counseling practice and when requested, Alyson will incorporate this into clients’ therapy.

Alyson works with Individuals, veterans / military, couples and premarital preparation. Her training and expertise include: Gottman level 1, SYMBIS facilitator, CBT / CPT and military community training.

Alyson is a former teacher, and has a background in ADHD, PTSD and other brain-based disorders.

Her specific areas of interest and experience Christian Counseling, Marriage, Premarital, Veteran / Military / military families, ADHD, and eating disorders.

Having been a military wife for over two decades, Alyson has a passion for helping those who serve and their families.

Church Partnerships





We are thankful for our church partnerships! As a partner organization, these churches have committed to routinely pray over the mental health needs in Brazoria County, to begin talking about mental health in their arena of influence, to share social media posts that promote events for Counseling Connections, and to financially support Counseling Connections on a monthly basis. If you are interested in becoming a church partner, please contact



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