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We Believe Mental Health Matters!

Shannan Murray, Development Coordinator

Shannan Murray graduated from University of California, Berkeley with BA in Political Science with an emphasis in Business Administration. Shannan began her career in sales and marketing for Coca Cola and worked in both California and Texas for Coca Cola for 13 years. In 1997, Shannan became the executive director of the Children’s Art Project at MD Anderson Cancer Center and led the project for 20 years. During her tenure at MD Anderson, the project returned $22 million to patient programs from the sale of products featuring pediatric patient artwork.

Most recently, Shannan worked for B.I.G. Love Cancer Care for 3 years after a former MD Anderson patient and artist referred her to help with their mission and work. In 2019, B.I.G. Love hit more than $1 million in income. Shannan is excited to begin in her position of Development Coordinator for Counseling Connections For Change, Inc because mental health affects every family, often for multiple generations. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding the mental health crisis in this country prevents people from getting the help they need. Shannan is eager to help bring support, awareness and acceptance to this important issue as she has done for the last 25 years with childhood cancer.

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