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Children require a unique form of therapy that is developmentally appropriate for their growing brains; child centered play therapy. A child does not obtain the ability to understand abstract ideas until around age 11. This means that, as therapists, we must make abstract ideas concrete so that children understand them. Child centered play therapy is a form of therapy that enables therapists to utilize therapeutically appropriate toys and play to communicate with the child. Child centered play therapy is recognized as a best practice and an appropriate therapeutic modality for children between the ages of 3 and 11.

A Registered Play Therapist (RPT) is an individual that possess a mental health license to practice independently and is trained in play therapy. Most play therapy sessions last 45 to 50 minutes. During that time, the child experiences support, understanding, and communication in language that is appropriate for the child. Play therapy is appropriate for children from all races, ethnicities, genders, socioeconomic strata, and presenting issues; and many studies provide evidence of its effectiveness.

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